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Brian Feeney Responds again to questions.

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Sat Oct 2, 2004 5:33 am
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chabot imageOriginal Source not included, to protect the first e-mail author’s privacy, he wished not to include his real name.

Brian Feeney:
Hello Everyone,

I’ve received emails concerning a question I did not address in my long reply a few days ago. There are “NO” doctored photos on the website save one where we illustrated the early prototype into the shot of a rolling balloon launch to give perspective and size of the rocket relative to the crane and a balloon in a similar class. People then and still now had little idea what a rolling balloon launch looked like and how the rocket / crane / balloon system worked together. This was far faster that doing an entire rendering from scratch. This dates back to approx. 2001 time frame. The evolution section it is in was put together to illustrate where we’ve been and how we arrived at the various choices.

Government approval for the launches has been issued, but believe that already been put on the discussion list.

Brian Feeney
The Golden Palace.com Space Program , Powered By The da Vinci Project


Hi again,

Before the question is raised aka engine testing and photos, I explained in the long email that we had (and still do have) a relationship with Microcosm. They were the engine of choice until it was clear we could not aford it. As mentioned before the photos remained on the site to show where we had been in the engine program. The technical docs on the site (posted about a year ago) showed the switch to the hybrid engine. Microcosm and oursleves had reasons for removing their name (other refernces) from the photos, even though people had identified them as early as late 2000. Microcosm has given us permission now to update the site giving them full credit.

Brian Feeney
Team Leader
The Golden Palace.com Space Program, Powered By The da Vinci Project

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