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Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Wed Sep 29, 2004 2:40 pm
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- Major event related to the X Prize to be announced after the flight (it was the xprize cup)
- Michael W. Melvill is the pilot of SpaceShip One

Real media stream!

- SpaceShipOne coming back down

- SpaceShip One and WhiteKnight Landed safely!

Did ss1 reached the altitude >100km ? to be announced soon!
Also there seemed to be a problem while going up.. it spinned a lot..
There is a posibility the second flight will be delayed.

Someone local of the xprize commented to me on AIM with saying “Melvill looks worried”… will they continue with the second flight in a few days ?

Melvill said it was above 100km! and he had to shut down the engines earlier because of the spinning.

Not yet sure if it will be delayed or not, Rutan said they will have to first look at the data.

ANSARI X PRIZE FLIGHTS are not the end but the beginning,
the announcement seems to be the X PRIZE Cup, so no really major new news.

Articles related to the event:

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