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Team Starchaser News Update

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Tue Sep 28, 2004 6:51 am
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Work on the Churchill Mk3 engine is continuing. We’ve ordered the metal for the injector plate but are still having trouble finding a company able to ‘drill’ the required number of holes! Now there’s a challenge to British industry…
We are expecting to take delivery of the completed combustion chamber some time in the next few days – we’ll create a small gallery once this is on site.

We are currently taking delivery of various LES components and we are conducting evaluative small thruster test firings. All this is leading up to a full-scale programme of static LES test firings.

Work on the thunderstar mockup is continuing. The plan is to complete the basic structure with two different and interchangeable hatch designs and seating layout. This will then be used to assess access and egress through the radically different hatch designs. The mock up will evolve and eventually become a training simulator complete with avionics and controls.

As visitors to this site will have seen Starchaser have been offline for a couple of weeks. This downtime was a result of a massive hack attempt that locked us out of both our email system and web site. Our email system was generating vast amounts of spam and all attempts to recover from this failed, so we had to physically unplug the server and rebuild it from scratch!

August had been voted ‘vacation time’ – a time where we all needed a lot of R&R and were subsequently on ’skeleton’ staffing levels – so whilst this time was good for most of the staff to recharge their batteries the attack could not have come at a worse moment.

We apologise to our Club members for the downtime of the forum and the delay in publishing the first edition of the ignition magazine. Our resources have been sucked into resolving the problems created from this attack. Indeed, it may be yet another week or so before we’re ‘fully functional’…

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