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This Week On The Space Show

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Mon May 8, 2017 4:00 am
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The Space Show, hosted by David Livingston at www.TheSpaceShow.com, will have the following guests this week:

1. Monday, May 8, 2017, 2-3:30 PM PDT (21-22:30 GMT)
Deep space exploration and more with Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar.



Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar is Executive Director of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration, an industry trade group supporting space exploration, development, and science in deep space. Under her leadership the Coalition has grown from 5 members to more than 40 in a period of six months and is an active advocate for the aerospace industry.

Before starting her own firm in 2004, Dr. Dittmar coordinated operations R&D and later managed Flight Operations for The Boeing Company’s International Space Station Program. Later, she acted as a special advisor to the NASA Astronaut Office before her appointment as Boeing Chief Scientist for Commercial Utilization of the ISS.  More recently she was Senior Policy Advisor to the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), which manages the International Space Station National Laboratory.

Dr. Dittmar has advised senior executives in government and industry in the U.S. and abroad, authored influential papers on human spaceflight and the economic development of Low Earth Orbit, and is an active mentor for early career professionals in aerospace.  She is a Fellow of the National Research Society, an Associate Fellow of the American Institute for Astronautics and Aeronautics, and serves on the Board of Directors of the American Astronautical Society.  From 2012-2014 she served as a member of the National Research Council Committee on Human Spaceflight, which conducted an in-depth assessment of the U.S. human spaceflight program, and currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Space Studies Board of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

In her spare time Dr. Dittmar enjoys volcano chasing, writing, and music, is an active mentor, co-habitats with two cats, stays in regular touch with her 3 children, and greatly enjoys her 3 grandchildren.  She resides in Washington, D.C.

2. Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 7-8:30 PM PDT (May 10, 2-3:30 GMT)
Space tourism and more with Dr. Patrick Collins.

Dr. Patrick Collins is a well-known and respected authority on space economics, space tourism, reusable launch vehicles, and space solar power. He is a professor of economics at Azabu University in Japan and adviser to a number of companies and organizations. The focus of Dr. Collins’ research for the past 25 years has been how to stimulate growth of commercial space activities, the two main opportunities being tourism and energy supply. Dr. Collins performed the first market research on space tourism in Japan in 1993, and collaboratively in the USA in 1995, and it has been very satisfactory for him to see his results confirmed by Nasa-funded studies performed in recent years. He is co-founder of Space Future Consulting, which maintains the Spacefuture.com archive. Dr Collins is closely involved with Japanese work on space tourism and space solar power, subjects which are gradually getting more and more attention, and is Chairman of the Society for Space Tourism of Japan (SSTJ).  Dr. Collins is widely published, including an editorial in Aviation Week, and an invited speech at the AIAA Wright Brothers Centenary Celebration in Dayton. Patrick is co-founder of the Space Renaissance International, where he holds the position of Vice-President.

3. Friday, May 12, 2017, 9:30-11 AM PDT (16:30-18 GMT)
“Earth in Human Hands: Shaping Our Planet’s Future” by Dr. David Grinspoon.

David Grinspoon is an astrobiologist, award-winning science communicator, and prize-winning author. He is a Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute and Adjunct Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Science at the University of Colorado. His research focuses on climate evolution on Earth-like planets and potential conditions for life elsewhere in the universe. He is involved with several interplanetary spacecraft missions for NASA, the European Space Agency and the Japanese Space Agency. In 2013 he was appointed as the inaugural Chair of Astrobiology at the U.S. Library of Congress where he studied the human impact on Earth systems and organized a public symposium on the Longevity of Human Civilization. His technical papers have been published in Nature, Science, and numerous other journals, and he has given invited keynote talks at conferences around the world. Grinspoon’s popular writing has appeared in Slate, Scientific American, Natural History, Nautilus, Astronomy, Seed, the Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and Sky & Telescope Magazine where he is a contributing editor and writes the quasi-monthly “Cosmic Relief” column. He is the author and editor of several books, including Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life which won the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Nonfiction. Grinspoon has been recipient of the Carl Sagan Medal for Public Communication of Planetary Science by the American Astronomical Society, and has been honored with the title “Alpha Geek” by Wired Magazine. He lectures widely, and appears frequently as a science commentator on television, radio and podcasts, including as a frequent guest on StarTalk Radio and host of the new spinoff StarTalk All Stars. Also a musician, he currently leads the House Band of the Universe. He resides in Washington DC with his wife and an imaginary dog.

You can listen to the shows under www.TheSpaceShow.com
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