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An interview with Robert K. Weiss related to the X PRIZE Events

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Wed Sep 22, 2004 3:36 am
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About Robert (Bob)
Bob is the Vice Chairman and Producer of the X Prize Foundation and a Major Donor.

Mr. Weiss served on the Board of Directors of IS Robotics, a company involved in the design, development and manufacture of autonomous and semi-autonomous micro-robots and expert systems for a wide range of applications from hazardous material detection and evaluation to extraplanetary exploration.
In addition, Mr. Weiss served as Executive Producer at the American Rocket Company, producing corporate videos concerning development and testing of hybrid rocket motors.

Mr. Weiss received his undergraduate degree in Radio and Television from Southern Illinois University.

Mr. Weiss has produced over 21 movies and tv series combined including: “Naked Gun” (trilogy), “Blues Brothers”, “Kentucky Fried Movie”, “Black Sheep”, “Dream On”, “Weird Science”, and “Sliders”.
See Also: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0919154/
Bob’s next movie will be a comedy called “Superhero,” it was announced on the front page of Variety, a show business newspaper.

Interview E-Mail:
Q. Is there really going to be a live web-cast ?
Bob: Yes. X1 – web-cast and X2 – web-cast and telecast.

Q. From what time to what time, what days?
Bob: X1 — Sept 29, 6AM – 9:30AM Pacific approx; web-cast only
X2 — Oct 4, 6AM – 11:30AM Pacific approx; web-cast and telecast on the Science Channel

Q. Will we hear mission control and cockpit chatter?
Bob: You will hear some air to ground chatter

Q. Will it be free, or only for X PRIZE members?
Bob: Free

tell about any special guests who will be on the web-cast?
Bob: Still pending

Q. Is it also going to be on Television?
Bob: As above [X2 - telecast on the Science Channel]

Q. Is there a web-page we can “already” link to, or should we keep looking at the x-prize main web page?
Bob: Link will be on web “splash” page

Q. Will it be archived anywhere?
Bob: Yes, aol will do so and perhaps elsewhere as well

Q. Will there be any interactive parts to the web-cast?
Bob: Yes, on AOL.

Q. Is there a live chat planned?
Bob: There are plans for “shout outs” not sure about chat.

Q. Any way for international friends of X Prize to participate from far away?
Bob: Pick up the web-cast or go to aol for it.

Q. Will there be [web-cast] mirrors?
Bob: Yes.

Q. How many web viewers do you expect, they can handle?
Bob: Don’t know specifics.

Q. How many people are working on the web-cast?
Bob: Approx 65 over X1/X2.

Second Part of Interview on AIM:

Q. Why did you, a movie producer, get involved with X Prize?
Bob: Producing movies does not totally fulfill my desire to see us turn into a spacefaring civilization. It just helps subsidize my efforts in that regard
You know, movie makers have supported space and rocket research in other ways.
Some of the first liquid motor research was financed by the German Film Director Fritz Lang.
He was making the movie Woman in the Moon in 1929 for the UFA studio in Germany.
The studio hired Hermann Oberth to build a rocket that was to be launched in conjunction with the premiere of the movie.
The director advanced the money.
Unfortunately Oberth was a better theorist than he was an engineer and their test article met with, ah, instant kinetic disassembly.
The studio said forget it, and refused to reimburse the director.
P.S. Some of the shreds of that were picked up by Von Braun and the VFR

Q. How did you get involved with the X PRIZE or when did Peter etc first told you about the idea ?
Bob: I was introduced to Peter by a mutual friend at NASA named Alan Ladwig,
who at the time was the associate administrator for policy and planning.
I had been complaining that there was no near-term outlet for my space aspirations.
All the talk was what was going to happen 50, 75 and 100 years from now. I wanted to get involved with something that would make a difference in MY lifetime.
Peter had a vision that was crystal clear to me as well.

Q. Are you going to be on the web-cast with your “great sense of humor”?
Bob: Not so far

We can hope.

By Sigurd Gabriël De Keyser
Founder & Administrator
X PRIZE Space Race News

You can legally copy this article, if you respect the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license.
Questions related to the article or license ? xprize@gmail.com

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