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Suborbital Institute Comments on Recent Test Flight Incidents

Published by Cathleen Manville on Sat Aug 14, 2004 9:05 pm
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Suborbital Institute, a trade association aimed at promoting suborbital rocket powered flight that includes representatives from the Armadillo Aerospace and TGV Rocket Teams, has recently released the following comments in regard to the testing accidents earlier this week:

“The recent test crashes of two teams developing suborbital spacecraft without any injuries, damage to property, or hazard to the public clearly show that with adequate safety precautions testing of suborbital vehicles can be conducted safely.

“We congratulate both teams for bringing their development programs to the point where they are able to flight test vehicles, and we applaud their resolution to continue in the face of setbacks. Test programs are conducted precisely so that problems are found during testing and so can be corrected.

“Unplanned and unexpected flight events are par for the course, and are taken into account in planning test programs so as to minimize risk of injury, property damage or hazard to the public.”

–Taken from the SubOrbital Institute’s Website

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