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STC Updates

Published by Cathleen Manville on Sat Aug 14, 2004 8:52 pm
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chabot imageSpace Transport Corp. has updated their website. The home page has been changed to reflect the loss of the Rubicon 1. The site is now geared towards rebuilding and using information learned in their last test to help design a new, safer Rubicon 2. The site says that STC plans to launch the new Rubicon 2 sometime in early September.

STC has also set up sponsorship options to help raise funds for the building of their new vehicles. Using Paypal, STC fans can help fund history by giving Space Transport Corp. the money it needs to advance in the new race to space.

Click Here to visit the Space Transport Corp. Website

From MSNBC’s Cosmic Log by Alan Boyle:

Try, try again: Space Transport Corp., the Washington-based rocket team whose rocket blew up last weekend, is targeting Sept. 12 for the next test launch from the Olympic Peninsula, says Phillip Storm, the company’s president.

“We’re going to fabricate two more identical Rubicon rockets. … We’re going to do another engine test in early September,” Storm writes in an e-mail.

Storm says telemetry from the launch of Rubicon 1 indicates that the attitude control system “was fighting to keep it straight, even though the rocket was being torn apart.”

“The rocket held in there pretty good even though one of the engines exploded,” Storm writes. “I’m fairly confident a pilot could have thrown the parachute and been OK. The capsule was catastrophically damaged only on impact with the water. We’ll come up with some extra safety measures to ensure a command is sent for parachute deployment in the event of a failure.”

This weekend’s big event on the private spaceflight front is the Canadian Arrow team’s drop test over Lake Ontario. Space.com provides further details on the test. (See Our Prveious News Post)

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