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Space Transport Corporation: Rubicon launch status

Published by Sigurd De Keyser on Fri Aug 6, 2004 4:28 pm
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chabot imageSpace Transport Corporation: Launch is still a go for Sunday! Weather is looking good. Final Rubicon assembly is in progress.

Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate the public at this launch and so will not disclose the exact location or time. Keep an eye on regional papers and TV news!

In other news, STC is preparing for another three-stage launch this weekend.

from hobbyspace.com: On Sunday, August 8th, Space Transport Corporation (STC) plans to launch their Rubicon Suborbital Tourism Vehicle in a partially fueled test flight. The launch will, of course, depend on weather and other factors, so please monitor launch status on the STC website, www.space-transport.com. Members of the news media should coordinate directly with Pat Soderlind if you would like to attend and you will be provided with attendance information that is NOT TO BE PUBLICLY DISCLOSED.

Rubicon will be launched from private property on the Olympic Peninsula coast, about an hour drive south of Forks. The launch will take place in the afternoon. Observers will congregate at the designated location and head to the launch site as a group. STC will hold a short conference / Q&A session at the launch site. For media purposes, cameras can be set up at the site prior to the launch. Observers will then head to a viewing point, which is about ½ mile from the launch point.

Rubicon will be powered for 14 seconds by two solid propellant rocket engines. The rocket will launch from a bluff and will reach supersonic speeds, over 1100 mph (Mach 1.4), on its way to an altitude of near 20,000 feet. 600 pounds of ballast weight will be carried as required for the Ansari X Prize flight. An onboard video camera will capture the view out of Rubicon’s window, and capture the sure-to-be-profound expressions of the mannequin crew.

Space Transport Corporation develops launch vehicle technologies using a practical test-oriented approach. Eric Meier and Phillip Storm are the driving force behind STC. STC is a contender for the $10 million Ansari X Prize (see www.xprize.org). The space tourism market, one of STC’s ultimate targets, is worth much more than $10 million.

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