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Candies Race to Space on X Prize Ships?

Published by Robin on Thu Jul 29, 2004 4:45 am
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SpaceShipOne pilot Mike Melvill took M&Ms to float in zero G.

At Tuesday’s X Prize press conference, da Vinci project’s Brian Feeney revealed that he’s considering taking Canada’s version of the candy-coated chocolates on his upcoming suborbital ride.

“I got a call the other day from Nestle’s, the manufacturer of Smarties,” Feeney said. “You know Smarties? They’re what we have in Canada instead of M&Ms.” Feeney said Nestle’s would like to fly Smarties on Wild Fire and were calling to ask, “How much would it be?”

“I haven’t told them yet,” he said.

It has been widely reported that the only roadblock to a da Vinci project launch is about $500,000.

Feeney, by far the most stylish person at the press conference in a pistachio green suit and perfectly spiked hair, sported a mysterious smile all morning.

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