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Station Crew Prepares for Spacewalk, Will Talk to Students and Reporters

Published by Klaus Schmidt on Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:51 am via: NASA
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Flight Engineers Sergei Volkov and Alexander Samokutyaev continued preparing for an Aug. 3 spacewalk. The Russian spacewalk is the second Expedition 28 excursion and is expected to last six hours. The first occurred July 12 during STS-135 when Flight Engineers Mike Fossum and Ron Garan retrieved a failed pump module and installed two experiments.

This will be Volkov’s third spacewalk. As commander of Expedition 17 he conducted two spacewalks in July of 2008 for a total of 12 hours and 12 minutes. Samokutyaev will be conducting his first spacewalk.

The cosmonauts will work outside the Russian segment to move a small crane, install a communications terminal and remove and inspect antennas. Other tasks include installing a materials science experiment and deploying a micro-satellite.

The spacewalkers performed leak checks, valve tests and installed batteries in their Russian Orlan spacesuits. Along with Commander Andrey Borisenko, they also reviewed procedures they will use inside the crew airlock before exiting the Pirs docking compartment.

Satoshi Furukawa, a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut and flight engineer, participated in commercial activities inside the Kibo laboratory. He also collected microbial samples throughout the station for analysis. On Thursday at 8:25 a.m. EDT, Furukawa will talk to students from Akita University, Japan.

Garan continued work with the SOLO, SOdium LOading in Microgravity, experiment. He collected his own blood and urine samples and measured his body mass as part of the metabolically controlled study.

Fossum removed alignment guides inside the Fluids Integrated Rack (FIR). This allows the Active Rack Isolation System to be activated inside the FIR enabling experiment operations. He also worked with SHERE, the Shear History Extension Rheology Experiment. SHERE takes place inside the Microgravity Science Glovebox and studies polymer fluids stretched in microgravity to benefit future space missions and Earth-bound manufacturing processes.

Garan and Fossum will talk to reporters from the New York Daily News and KBTX-TV in Bryan/College Station, Texas, Friday at 12:50 p.m.

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