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Starchaser News: LAUNCH ESCAPE SYSTEM (LES) Update

Published by spacecowboy on Mon Mar 1, 2004 4:02 am
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chabot imageWe are currently taking delivery of various LES components and we are conducting evaluative small thruster test firings. All this is leading up to a full-scale programme of static LES test firings. We have organised the use of a test facility and if all goes according to plan a full-scale launch escape test flight, simulating a launch pad escape scenario, will be conducted from a UK site within the next six months.
This test will be spectacular! The LES has been designed to generate approximately 6000kg (6 tonnes) of thrust for a minimum duration of 4 seconds. This will provide enough impulse to pull the 1 tonne THUNDERSTAR capsule to a minimum altitude of 3000ft, AGL.
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