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Sugar Shot To Space

Posted by: Rob Goldsmith - Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:06 am
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Sugar Shot To Space
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Author:  SANEAlex [ Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

Pardon the pun but congratulations if you have managed to achieve the sweet point :wink: :twisted: of mach diamonds with a sugar engine.

Author:  Rick Maschek [ Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

Latest Sugar Shot test of the Double D grain configuration. This test was of the short 2-grain motor to evaluate a new inhibitor. The test was a complete success. A larger sugar (dextrose) test by a SS2S member suffered a CATO shortly after ignition.

This weekend at the FAR test site we will be again testing the Double D motor and hopefully static testing our new 100mm booster motor.

On a side note, the Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering team (DARE) will be launching their Stratos II in a few hours to 50km. owered by sorbitol but using nitrous oxide as the oxidizer in a hybrid. We have a friendly rivalry going with them, I hope their launch is successful.


Author:  SANEAlex [ Thu Oct 02, 2014 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

The Delft Stratos II launch has been delayed a few times today they now seem to be aiming for a launch in about 25 mins live streaming on the webpage in ricks post above

Author:  Rick Maschek [ Mon Mar 09, 2015 8:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

Very busy weekend. Saturday we had our second successful static firing of our new booster motor at the FAR site. We had a visit by engineers from SpaceX and XCOR that assisted me loading the motor on the test was a pleasure working with them. We will static fire one additional time before flying it solo. At the conclusion of this, it will be used to power our already tested sustainer for our first 2-stage flight (we have suspended work on the single stage 'Dual Pulse' motor).

Sunday I drove out to Lucerne Valley where two of the college teams I mentor successfully launched their NASA USLI rockets. The Citrus College Rocket Owls were first to fly with a perfect launch and recovery.

Next the tean from Cal Poly Umbra Nsl launched their USLI rocket. Despite a hard landing (everyting recovered intact and ready to fly again) I was impressed the speed brakes survived. They were constructed of carbon fiber and designed to retract after the main chute is deployed.


Author:  Rick Maschek [ Thu May 07, 2015 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

This past Saturday (May 2) at the FAR site, I launched our sustainer for the 2-stage Sugar Shot, the flight and recovery were nominal and was the first 'official' SS2S launch since the MiniSShot-II broke apart ging nearly mach 2 at 20,000' three years ago. Next month we are planning to launch it atop the booster that we have now successfully static fired three times.

After the successful recovery (using visual and gps) we static fired my new LOX motor three times on two different fuels. I was surprised at how easy the motor was to build using off the self components from McMaster Carr and my own machining of tank, combustion chamber, injector head, bulkheads, nozzle, etc.

I built it flight ready for a 'client' from just a sketch so being my first, I was on pins and needles during the countdown. We were so pleased with the two planned firings, we refilled and fired a third time before the sun set.

I want to thank my friends at the FAR site, some of the absolute best people I've ever met, for assistance with the site preparations. The FAR site has to be the best amateur rocketry site in the world. On the same day, we had several students from two different universities there also prepping their projects. And all for $35 a year for the use of the site and equipment and a 50,000'+ available waiver.
For information

Author:  Rick Maschek [ Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

Last week we started pouring propellant for our 12 x 20" (300 x 500 mm) grains for our booster motor. Each grain contains about 130 pounds (55 kg) of propellant. We plan on static testing the motor next month at the FAR site.

We also plan on testing our second stage 6" (150 mm) motor and flight testing it in January.

So far this year we have successfully flown our small scale 75mm sustainer solo and our 100mm booster solo and together in the 2-stage configuration. This coming spring we hope to fly the new 100mm/150mm combination to 100,000'+ with a slight chance of launching the space vehicle 150mm/300mm at the end of 2017.


Author:  Rob Goldsmith [ Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

good work!

Author:  Rick Maschek [ Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

Saturday, December 3, we cast our second 12" sugar grain, 55 kg

Inspection of the first grain revealed no anomalies and looked great.

We also flew our 100mm sugar powered Phoenix test vehicle on it's 3rd flight testing electronics for up coming flights of our 12" booster and 6" sustainer.


Author:  Rick Maschek [ Sun Dec 18, 2016 7:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

We had a very successful static test of our 12" (300 mm) small 2-grain sugar test motor, Q-8,800, it contained 260 pounds of propellant.
The full length space shot booster will be a 6 grain S-25,000 impulse motor.


and a close up during the burn

SloMo 12 inch nozzle firing.jpg ... ed-friend/


Author:  Rick Maschek [ Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

Must be a seasonal thing...we cast two 12" (300 mm) grains this past Saturday at the FAR facility and will cast a third grain on December 2 for a static test of a higher thrust 3-grain motor on December 16.

We will also be launching our successful 6" (150 mm) motor we flew this past June but this time as the booster for a 2-stage launch. This 6" sugar booster will then become the second stage for the planned 6-grain 12" booster motor...

Another step closer to reaching space with sugar propellant.


Author:  USJay [ Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

SugarShot never fails to impress. Wishing you sweet success for your holiday launches.


Author:  Rick Maschek [ Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sugar Shot To Space

Thanks Jay.

One step closer to our goal of reaching space with sugar. Our December 16th static fire of the 12" (300 mm) motor was a success. The first time it was using 2 grains and this time we fired it with 3 grains. The actual 1st stage booster motor will be 3 times longer for ~3 times more power. ... ed-friend/

On January 6, 2018 we will be launching our 2-stage test vehicle, using the 6" (150 mm)rocket designed as our space shot second stage, it will boost a 3" (75 mm) second stage in a small scale test of our staging ability.


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